Burberry’s Bet On Beauty

Looking for a  new perfume?

I recommend you try MY BURBERRY.  It comes  hand-wrapped in a ribbon made of the same gabardine used in the company’s trench coats. You can also customize the bottle in your  initials. You can monogram your virtual bottle as I just did and share them on social platforms.

Christopher Bailey sure has ambitions to to give others competition.

My Burberry Monogrammed Bottles (ON EMBARGO UNTIL 2 SEPTEMBER 2014)_KM

My Burberry – Customized with my essentials


Inspired by “a London garden after the rain” and named after the “affectionate way in which people refer to their Burberry trench coat,” this perfume is sure to cause a stir.To accompany the launch of My Burberry, the brand is also unveiling a trench-inspired colour makeup collection.

I’ll be watching out for what more Burberry has in store! What about you?

‘My Burberry’ campaign starring Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss

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