Want To Know How Luxury Brands Are Celebrating Diwali?

The biggest and one of the most celebrated Indian festivals in just around the corner!

When I think of Diwali, Lights, firecrackers, card parties and lots of calories come to mind. While I’m excited to indulge this festive season, I happened to have noticed an increasing participation of some of the most iconic luxury brands, in order to celebrate Diwali!

Everyone around is embracing the festive season and it’s spirit, so why should luxury brands not indulge a bit as well right?

In order to keep up with the needs and wants of it’s Indian market,these brands seem to be celebrating Diwali with us this year!

Think Customized lanterns, limited edition pieces and in store decorations.

Here’s a look at what some of our most loved brands are upto this Diwali:


Jimmy Choo’s In Store Decor This Diwali

Customized Satya Paul Diwali Lanterns

Tod’s Limited Edition Diwali Handbags This Season


Burberry Celebrates Diwali

Burberry’s Rose Gold Collection This diwali


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