Gucci Reinvents The Heritage Print

Italy’s most coveted fashion label, Gucci, has recently taken it upon themselves to educate consumers on the heritage of its infamous Flora print, as featured in their cruise 2015 collection.

What’s so different about this you may ask?

This entire campaign has been executed through digital marketing! Yes you heard that right!

As part of an exciting new initiative, Gucci has roped in Canadian artist Kris Knight to reinterpret the flowered pattern with a modern touch to present the garments as more than just clothing.

So here’s how this digital campaign was executed:

-Gucci sent an email to its newsletter subscribers with the subject line “Introducing Flora Knight: A modern vision for our legendary floral print.

-The body of the email, consists of a  click-through to view a video of Mr. Knight in his studio in Toronto. Which then redirects you to the gucci website.

-What follows is a voice over of Mr Knight describing his life in the countryside. He continues to explain the inspiration of the pastel color palette presented in Gucci’s Cruise’15 collection

Here’s a look at a sneak peak of the video & the latest from Gucci’s Cruise’15 collection:

To view the entire video click here:

Gucci Flora Knight email 1



Gucci Cruise’15


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