Athleisure Takes Over…

Whenever the fashion set is told that anything is the new something, ears perk up!

Well,  it’s time to listen up again everybody. Nike CEO, Mark Parker made a rather interesting proclamation recently at the  Women’s Innovation summit in New York City.

It’s official, “Leggings are the new denim.”

Look’s like  it’s cooler to be seen looking like you’ve been working out. The key word here is being ‘looking’. The rapid toward casual dressing evolving into gym-to-street clothes has finally evolved as an official clothing category, It’s what has now been termed as Athleisure.

What on earth is  might you ask?

It’s simple, athletic meets leisure.

This trend is  definitely on my radar, absolutely loving the new take on fashion NOT being fussy anymore!

Want to know where to find this..scroll’s that simple:

Althleta by GAP




Rihanna working Alexandra Wang’s collection for H&M

Lulu Lemon



One thought on “Athleisure Takes Over…

  1. A bunch of us have tried fighting this because it got to the mediocre scenes a number of times. But reminding people of the phrase “it’s not about how many people do it, but about who does it right” came in handy. I can’t deny it leggings have won, forward with Athleisure!

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