Blown away by behno!

Over this weekend, the lovely Bandana Tewari of Vogue hosted a preview for ethical fashion label behno. As soon as I walked through that door, I was blown away!


The Lovely Bandana and I at the behno preview!


The structured and aesthetically minimal design pieces looked like they belonged on Milan’s runways – imagine my surprise when I heard they were Made in India. Curious as I am, I couldn’t help but bombard Bandana with a million questions to understand more.

Shivam Punjya’s, the man behind behno attributes the international feel to creative director,  Jasonpaul McCarthy. Channeling the flavour of the moment, ‘Make in India’, the designs are etched out in their NY atelier but the birth of the garment takes place in India.



Glimpses from behno’s FW15 collection


behno’s Fall-Winter 15 collection draws inspiration from Le Corbusier’s interpretation of Chandigarh, India’s first city to embrace the Minimalist Movement.  When someone mentions Chandigarh, the first adjectives that come to mind is Robust, Bright and Colorful – but Le Corbusier’s interpretation of Chandigarh is more systematic, organized and experimental.

However, what stands out is their Mission; to redefine and bring awareness to the Craft of ‘Made in India’ and set a new benchmark for the Indian Manufacturing standards, that targets the malaise which  haunts the Fast Fashion Industry (Read: Rana Plaza disaster). With a vision to improve the quality of life and the safety of women in the garment trade, behno’s partered with a large non-profit organization and a successful ethical garment manufaturing plant called MSA Ethos. They work side by side, to establish the ‘behno standard’ which can be broken down into the following categories.


Using Luxe fabrics like Italian Merino Wool, mongolian cashmere and Indian Cottons; behno’s urbane collection has officially made it to my #LustList.



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