Hot Trends for Soaring Temperatures!

Don’t stress over what to wear this summer. If you’ve got the basics down – jeans, tank tops, sunglasses and a hell of confidence; all you need is these few fresh pieces to glam-up your wardrobe for a easy-breezy summer.

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  1. Espadrilles: Flats don’t always translate to a dressed-down look. These light summer slip-ons are most compatible with denim and you have an array of styles to choose from – classic monochrome slip-ons to python, military, jute, canvas, sequins, lace, and glitter
  2. Summer Scarf: Tie your hair up with it, wrap it around your neck when the sun starts to set. A soft bright scarf can dress up any comfortable outfit.
  3. Braided hair: The hottest hairstyle trend yet. If you are new to braiding, then an additional set of hands is advisable. Always remember to create a strong parting and remember to apply to texturing product so that it stays.
  4. Rope sandals: This sultry fashion trend manages to be playful and rustic all together!
  5. The cold shoulder: This off-the-shoulder trend is no longer a trend, it has become a wardrobe essential. Flirty and flattering on everyone!

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