Classic White Shirts On My Style Radar

Looking for the easiest way any woman can look great without really trying? Invest in a versatile white blouse!

The perfect white shirt not only leaves you feeling confident about your look but also is your companion to work and party all at once.

From the simplest T-shirt to the most intricate, lacy camisole, white tops are a fantastic option for any occasion. With this heat wave that has hit the city the shirt tops my list for go to fashion for the season and I am sure it is on your list too.

What catches my eye is how something so classic can be given a very modern and ultra-chic look, and here is my round-up of classic white shirts with a fashionable twist.

  1. Marques’ Almeida’s voluminous ruffled shirt with a fresh contemporary touch.
  2. The Graduated Shirt Dress By Cos is perfect for a sunny day out.
  3. McQueen’s always a favorite and this boxy silhouette is a must have.
  4. DKNY’s sharp and bold cuts are always welcome.

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