Milan Diaries: Emporio Armani’s Quirky Elegance

Its very hard to put in to words exactly how exciting fashion week is, especially in Milan. The city is buzzing with designers, models, bloggers amongst the locals.

Needless to say I was very very excited to attend the Emporio Armani show and watch Mr. Armani’s creations down the runway!

And boy, was i blown away – The maestro had stuck the delicate balance of Quirky an elegant like no one else has!

On a black background more often than on a white one, a visual explosion of digital signs and designs, including a sectioned smile, and multi-coloured ‘scratches’.

Clean lines and clear shapes. Silhouetted, rounded shoulders for high-tech heroines.
Short jumpsuits with short trousers that look like skirts, slim trousers, and mini-but-not-micro skirts

Sleek shoes with covered heels add feminine flair and lengthen the leg. Sparkle-galore lends a three-dimensional touch to evening  wear.

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I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this collection! Tell me what your favorite look was in the comments below!

Think Pink : Breast Cancer Awareness!

From the beginning, millions of people have been supporting breast cancer awareness with the little pink ribbon.

In our country, Breast Cancer awareness is paramount, as several women suffer from this curable, yet life threatening disease due to lack of awareness!

While most of us may not sport a ribbon on a daily basis, perhaps we could incorporate a little bit of pink in to our daily wardrobe to show our support!

Here’s a quick edit of my favorite pink accessories!

Jimmy Choo


Make heads turn in these gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes


Stella McCartney 


Since its launch the ‘Falabella’ bag has become one of the label’s bestselling styles.


Bottega Veneta 


My Favorite brand – that too in the perfect pink!


Michael Kors 


The perfect way to incorporate pink in to your daily wardrobe!


Giorgio Armani 


Love this gorgeous belt from Giorgio Armani!


Let me know which of the pieces was your favorite, or how you’d like to incorporate pink in your wardrobe in the comments below!

Milan Diaries | Emporio Armani

From the second I got my Emporio Armani show ticket, I couldn’t wait to see what the master Mr. Armani had envisioned for one of my favorite brands! The ikat print show ticket only peaked my interest-



Interestingly, the collection was entitled “Crossing Colors”  – There were two big takeaways from the Emporio Armani show this morning: ruffles and the color red.

Here’s a quick look at some my favorite looks from the show –

collage 2 EA collage 1

The ruffles were belts and cross-body bag straps and necklaces and a dozen other details

And I most definitely can’t get enough of the Floral appliques on the grey wool skirts






With a dozen other details to their Credit, Mr. Armani put his magical touch to the Fall Winter 15/16 collection once again ; here’s a quick overview of what to see in store – Washed out Ikat, Dramatic Velvet and detailing to-die-for!


Cant wait to get my hands on the Cullottes, fabulous crossbody’s and uber fashionable dresses!


I absolutely cannot wait to see what the maestro has in-store for us at the Giorgio Armani Show! Can you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Sustainable Luxury Anyone?

We often associate a Luxury brand with the words opulence, extravagance, grandeur, so on and so forth!

What we tend to miss out on many a times is the initiatives taken by them in order to better our environment.

Yesterday, I happened to have stumbled upon an article which emphasized on how the Kering, the international powerhouse that houses the likes of brands such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta & Alexander McQueen to name a few, has most recently created a Materials Innovation Lab, an ‘in house’ centre dedicated to the research and development of sustainable and innovative textiles and made it available to it’s brands.

This got me interested into digging some more, here are some of the sustainable initiatives that some of the most Influential luxury brands out there are undertaking today!

Stella McCartney: McCartney’s line of eyewear is produced out of materials such as caster-oil seeds and citric acid. She has also taken the lead in environmentally friendly fashion by launching a new faux leather line that is created with over 50% vegetable oil.


Armani: Mr Armani, was featured on the list of designers to utilize environmentally friendly textiles such as hemp in his creations.


Valentino: Valentino released a statement stating that the fashion house will be eliminating all hazardous chemicals that are used throughout the entire production cycle by January 2020. In 2012, Valentino custom made a dress out of recycled bottles for The Help actress, Viola Davis that appeared stunning on the red carpet at the BAFTA awards


Pretty damn amazing right?

5 Runway Worthy Haute Couture Hotels

From Armani to Versace, designers don’t seem to be able to resist putting their label on luxury hotels as well as on the runway.

And I for one am not complaining!

Here are my Top 5 picks. Have a look!

Armani Hotel Dubai



Hotel Maison Moschino, Milan


-LV and KArl

Cheval Blanc, France-From the house of Louis Vuitton and includes photography by Karl Lagerfeld



Hotel Missoni, Kuwait


Diane Von Furstenburg for London’s Claridge’s Hotel

Fashionable Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor have been doing the rounds lately while promoting their new movie Gunday.

For one of their last promotions, Ranveer was spotted looking dapper in an Armani suit while Arjun was spotted in Paul Smith. Priyanka, on the other hand, threw on Jimmy Choo’s highly-popular Typhoon shoe in a mint green.

Take a look

The Trio

The Trio

Priyanka Chopra in Jimmy Choo's Typhoon shoe

Priyanka Chopra in Jimmy Choo’s Typhoon shoe