The battle of the bags never end do they?

It’s always a battle for every woman, what’s more important? Is it the look, the functionality or just the brand name?

Well for what it’s worth, I like to segregate my bags very’s either structered or slouchy for me (for the day of course)

For a more corporate chic look, I’de pick a classic structered bag like a classic Celine

For a boho and more relaxed get up, it has to be a casual slouchy that gets you through the day with ease. My Bottega has got to be my all time favourite.

YES! It’s really that simple ladies…

So tell me which one are you?

Structured-VS-Slouchy_2 (3)

Where’s The Bright If It’s White?

I’m all for the new summer trend of an all white look.

A little splash of color however, never killed nobody. Right?

Take the all white look to another level with just the right amount of colour.

Here are some of my favourite picks this summer!