Velvet All The Way!

We all have that one indulgent weakness every now and then!

I’ll confess..mine’s VELVET all the way!

I mean come on do I really need to justify why? What’s not to love about velvet.

It’s gorgeous, opulent and even keep’s you warm. What more can one ask for in this chilly weather.

What’s better? If velvet comes in these forms, of course anyone would want to grab these amazing accessories and apparels.

That’s velvet all the way for me this winter!

What about you?



Gentlemen..Suit Yourself!

Aren’t you just tired of learning all the jazz for the gorgeous women out there?

It was about time, we share a few tricks with the men to make sure they match up to the impeccably dressed women out there!

Who better to learn from than the hottest man on the block-Fawad Khan.

Listen up all you men…This party season, you ought to dress to impress…here’s showing you how it’s done.

Don’t forget to add that dash of style when you step out this December!

fawad khan

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani SS’15

The Giorgio Armani show was undoubtedly my favourite at Milan fashion week this year!

The grand opening kicked off with a visual of sand, sea & mountains which took you to a mediterranean land .The serene collection made me wonder if the man himself was inspired while on vacation in the sand and safari .

As the show progressed, It flowed beautifully into the formal dresses which were worn with sheer pants below. The collection offered a new way of experiencing monochromatic fabrics such as wool, double washed silk, technical cady silk & lined georgette that seemed to be rebuilt in order to create that sartorial magic.

And finally, the show concluded with an ethereal finale look that was nothing short of perfect for a bride getting married on an exotic island. 

I Simply LOVED what Giorgio Armani had to offer this season! Can’t wait till it hits the stores!








I’ll Have A Perfume Inspired Cocktail Please!

The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Berlin opened a one of a kind perfume inspired cocktail bar on June 12 earlier this year.

Aptly named Fragrances, this bar encourages patrons to select their cocktails based on matching scents.

Currently offering a selection 15 cocktails, each corresponding to a different perfume. From the likes of  Designer perfumes of Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few.

This one is definitely on my radar when next in Berlin!

My Sale Wish List: 2 Days To Go!

The End of Season Sale countdown’s getting even closer and I thought to myself, why should women have all the fun?

Even men should go out there, splurge and spoil themselves silly! Right?

So here it is: My ultimate sale wishlist for men this season

P.S. All you men, go out there and take a risk, experiment with some new colours and styles. That too at BEST PRICES. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

My Sale Wish List: 3 Days To Go!

Who doesn’t love a sale? I for one CANNOT wait!

The End Of Season Sale is just around the corner and I have already started shortlisting my top picks.

So for those of you who missed picking up those desirable bags, shoes and clothes you had loved at a store,here’s your chance to include it in your wardrobe, with an added benefit of a discounted price.

And for the others, go out there experiment with different styles and colours and invest in some unusual pieces.

My Philosophy: Sale’s are the BEST time to experiment with fashion!

The countdown has officially begun. 3 days to go!

Are you ready to shop till you drop?

My Sale Wishlist for Women