Rain Check: Stylish Umbrellas that will keep you dry this season!

Talk about erratic weather – the monsoon dampen’s everybody’s spirit ( Including a fashion enthusiast in me). I hate having to swap my choo’s for rain-proof footwear, and my Bottega for a bag that’s not as chic but weather resistant.

However, all’s not lost – I realized i could have some fun with a chic umbrella! I started my hunt and boy I wasn’t disappointed! Here’s my pick of the 5 chicest umbrellas

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum – Fun & Chic 


Marc Jacobs – Graphic God with great prints! 

Kate Spade- Always as cute as a button!

Kate Spade- Always as cute as a button!



Chanel Camellia Umbrella – Monochrome Magic!

Hemes - my favorite kind of orange!

Hemes – my favorite kind of orange!

Which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments below!

Look..The Lock’s Back!

We’ve seen this trend passing by through various runways’s and magazines time and again!

This time around though, the Lock trend seem’s to have exploded and HOW!

We saw a rather bold look, with an emphasis on a lock chain by none other than Chanel on the runway. Looks like this trend is no longer being restricted to accessories such as the Hermes wristlet or a Louis Vuitton necklace.

Designers seem to be ready to push the envelope and incorporate the classic lock in apparels as well.

Looking forward to see what else is in store for us to look out for. This definitely looks like a promising start!

lock me down

A customized Birkin anyone?

… I think NOT!

kim k birkin

This Christmas, Kanye went all out it seems.

He got a painting commissioned by George Condo.. no, not for his walls at home but for his lady love’s Birkin bag.

Here’s an up close image of the masterpiece (or so he thinks)


How would you react if you found this in your Christmas stocking?

Shock? Or awe?

Personally, I’m shocked!

Images from Google