Paris Fashion Week SS’15: Fun With Fashion v/s Ramp To Racks

The spotlight most recently was the gorgeous French Capital and one of my favourite cities in the world, Paris.

If there’s one thing we saw for the SS’15 presentation, it’s that designers seem to want to have some fun on the ramp.While some choose to go traditional!

Here’s a look at some of the shows that stood out for me!

Fun With Fashion: 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Now if you want to learn how to put the fun in fashion, who better than Jean Paul Gaultier to learn a few thing from?

It was most definitely a heavy hearted moment, as the mastermind staged his last prêt-à-porter show, which expressed a goodbye. On a brighter side, Gaultier’s notorious sense of humor was perfectly depicted all throughout the runway.




Comme des Garçons 

One of the most fearless designers I’ve seen till date, The Show theme focused on turning something disturbing into something beautiful.This strange site of creativity left be spell bound for sure!


Ramp to Rack:

Stella McCartney

It was a splendid show put up by the British Designer this morning. A collection I would define as Ramp to Racks for sure, The collection boasted of beautify soft colours which transcended into darker shades gradually. We also saw the incorporation of bold cuts and shapes on the runway.




Comme des Garçons 

As per her yearly routine, the presentation for her secondary line, Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons was presented after the Comme des Garçons show. This understated presentation in comfortable cotton was not only a contrast to her previous show, but also a reminder that the designer can still push herself on a less grand scale. Credible indeed!

Comme des Garçons


Maxime Simoëns

What I loved and found to be more my style was what Maxime Simoëns had to offer! Clothes Influenced from the 1960s and ’80s which could be detected in silhouettes and detailing alike!

Abstracts and prints colour blocked to go from ramp to racks. Now that’s what I like in a show.

maxime simones


That’s Paris for you! It’s the trend for summer 2015 to enjoy.

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani SS’15

The Giorgio Armani show was undoubtedly my favourite at Milan fashion week this year!

The grand opening kicked off with a visual of sand, sea & mountains which took you to a mediterranean land .The serene collection made me wonder if the man himself was inspired while on vacation in the sand and safari .

As the show progressed, It flowed beautifully into the formal dresses which were worn with sheer pants below. The collection offered a new way of experiencing monochromatic fabrics such as wool, double washed silk, technical cady silk & lined georgette that seemed to be rebuilt in order to create that sartorial magic.

And finally, the show concluded with an ethereal finale look that was nothing short of perfect for a bride getting married on an exotic island. 

I Simply LOVED what Giorgio Armani had to offer this season! Can’t wait till it hits the stores!








Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta SS’15

The Bottega Veneta  SS’15 show was easily on my list of top 5 most anticipated collections to watch out for at MFW.

To my delight, I was in for an exceptional treat, which comprised of a rather magical display, which boasted of understated grandeur and poise.

As we entered, a huge curved in built wall placed right at the centre, which served the purpose of reducing the seating capacity to allow exclusive limited access to a group of select elite & invited guests only.

As the show progressed, the colour palette displayed on the runway gradually transcended from pleasing pastels to bold black.

I was also rather surprised to see sequence detailing incorporated in some of the key pieces showcased. An unusual surprise from Bottega Veneta who normally shy away from the typical ‘Shine’.

This time around, a large focus on the runway was dedicated to the iconic Cabat Bag. Definitely a Classic & functional bag to watch out for this season!

Major Trend Alert: Once again casual flats teamed up with dresses were seen all over the runway. I wonder if woman will follow this trend? Seem’s to be the new ‘it’ trend among many designer’s this season!

Here are some of the looks I simply loved this season:


The Iconic Cabat Bag


Fine Sequins Detailing seen on the Runway


Pastel Dresses Teamed with Flats. Don’t miss the sequins detailing once again!


One Of the final stunning looks, as the colour pallete gradually shifted to black