Milan Diaries: Emporio Armani’s Quirky Elegance

Its very hard to put in to words exactly how exciting fashion week is, especially in Milan. The city is buzzing with designers, models, bloggers amongst the locals.

Needless to say I was very very excited to attend the Emporio Armani show and watch Mr. Armani’s creations down the runway!

And boy, was i blown away – The maestro had stuck the delicate balance of Quirky an elegant like no one else has!

On a black background more often than on a white one, a visual explosion of digital signs and designs, including a sectioned smile, and multi-coloured ‘scratches’.

Clean lines and clear shapes. Silhouetted, rounded shoulders for high-tech heroines.
Short jumpsuits with short trousers that look like skirts, slim trousers, and mini-but-not-micro skirts

Sleek shoes with covered heels add feminine flair and lengthen the leg. Sparkle-galore lends a three-dimensional touch to evening  wear.

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I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this collection! Tell me what your favorite look was in the comments below!